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Are Girls Ready for Babies at 14?

The author, Hilary Mantel has claimed that girls are ready to have babies when they are 14 years old. Mantel argues that “society ran on a male timetable that women should have babies at an older age”, she goes on to say, “There is this breed of women for whom society’s timetable is completely wrong”.

“I was perfectly capable of setting up and running a home when I was 14, and if say, it had been ordered differently, I might have thought ‘Now is the time to have a couple of children and when I am thirthy I will go back and I’ll get my PhD’, but society isn’t ordered with that kind of flexibility, we were being educated well into our twenties, an age when part of us wanted to become mothers, probably little bits of all of us. Sone were more driven than others”

The Government has a 10 year campaign to lower teenage pregnancy rates in Britain as there is growing concern that Britain still has the highest rates in western Europe.

Yes, girls of 14 can be very mature, but they may not be psychologically mature enough to be a mother, the real issue is whether they they are with a man or have a family who is supporting of her, surely? A child needs a stable family home.

Teenage pregnancies have increased for the first time in seven years, especially those under 16. Nearly three-quarters of the 8,196 girls under 16 getting pregnant were 15 year olds.

Mantel said that women should be able to choose whether to have children when they are teenagers or pursue a career and have children later in life.

So, what do we think? Should we have our children earlier rather than later?


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4 thoughts on “Are Girls Ready for Babies at 14?

  1. Not really relating to the when we should have our children but more your comment about support. Personally, I became a single parent at 17, I have plenty of support, NONE of that comes from the childs father. I had my son at 16.

    Women do not need a man in their life to have a child we can survive without them!

  2. I am quiote shocked by this to be honest. And a bit at a loss. I know several teen mums and they are fabulous parents, although none were as young as 14, and i can see the argument about going back to school later ect but when i think back to who i was at 14, i was a child. There is no way in hell I was mature enough to take on the responsibility of another human, of putting this child before me and my own needs. no way. At 30 and mother to 2 some days i’m not sure i’m ready for it.

  3. Biologically girls are mature enough to have kids at this age. And I agree it is the society we live in that means it is frownd upon at this age. In other cultures girls have babies at 14 and it is the norm. We are talking third world countries where life is survival not education, career, money. BUT I am not saying kids in our society should have kids so young because our culture, the way our lives are structured and our values in this day and age means that girls of 14 are not emotionally ready. I know some are, and some do it and good on them but on the whole 14 year old girls are not mature enough emotionally. I doubt our society could ever revert back to this as the norm even if mother nature says girls are physically ready.

  4. I missed out family after men by mistake, I was no way saying women need men to bring up kids- I came from a single parent household myself and my Mum was great and had absolutely no help from my so called “Dad”!
    Thanks for the comments

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