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Married Mums Who Feel Like Single Mums

Although I need to stress that I am happily married and I love my husband dearly, I do often feel that I am the one that takes care of everything.

Whilst, yes he is out working in order to pay the mortgage and bills etc, I too work, albeit part time as I then pick up the kids from school, clean the house, do their homework, do the washing, ironing and anything else that crops up!

My husband works hard, he started his own business a couple of years ago with 2 friends and they have to take the work as and when, but 7 days a week can be a pain. I feel like I am the main carer on my own as he is never really there to back me up or support me and when he is, if the girls ask him whether they can do something he tells them to ask me!!!!

Apparently, there is a nickname for women like me, FLASM, meaning married women who FEEL LIKE A SINGLE MUM! I am not saying I want to be a single Mum, I don’t, but it sure would be nice to get a bit of support here and there!

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2 thoughts on “Married Mums Who Feel Like Single Mums

  1. We’re honored. Delighted to be in contact with you. And surely appreciate your situation. Thank you for continuing this conversation.

    Please know that everyone is welcome in our Singlemommyhood community, no mater your gender, marital status, or, even, if you don’t have kids.

  2. Check out this website that deals with the above post! Great to know that you are not alone!

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