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Can I Really Write a Novel? A Glutton for Punishment – 1

I am in the throws of writing my first novel, well when I say that, what I really mean is I am just starting to research my book after throwing ideas about for months about what I wanted the novel to be based on.

So, I have made a decision and now I am jumping in starting the research.

I have never been to a creative writing class or anything and I am wondering if I can really do this?

I have started to carry around a notepad in my bag that I can add any thoughts, timelines, character analysis etc in, so maybe if I start to act like a writer, the rest will flow?

Here’s hoping!

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2 thoughts on “Can I Really Write a Novel? A Glutton for Punishment – 1

  1. Bonnie on said:

    How is the novel going? I know exactly how you feel in this post – I have never taken a creative writing class, didn’t enjoy the journalism courses in college (got a geography degree instead!), and wondered what in the world I was doing trying to write a novel. But I actually finished one in the last four months, and I’m starting on my second. I hope you’ve found some success too? I’m anxious to hear how it’s going. 😉

    • Bonnie,

      At the moment I am in the very early stages of my novel, it is on domestic violence, so I kinf of feel that I need to get it right so at the moment I am head high in research. I am feeling that I need to start putting pen to paper. Can you do too much research?

      Well done you for finishing your first, have you been published?

      Good luck and it was lovely to hear from you.


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