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Location, Location, Location

I was born and raised in Camden Town, central London which I loved. I felt in the hub of everything and swore that I would never leave the hub of London where I could reach anything I needed within a few minutes walk or a quick jump on the tube or a bus.

This all changed for me when I decided to have children, I decided to move out!  This was a big decision for me and one that I agonised over for a long time, weighing up the pros and cons, but I jumped ship and now live just over 20 miles out.

My move has allowed me to buy a house with a 100ft garden that I would never have been able to afford in London, that has a huge park at the back of us, my girls go to a school that has its own swimming pool.

I can get to London on the train in 30 minutes, so I have the best of both worlds, I can still get all of the culture, nightlife and days out in London that I love, but I can also be at the beach in 30 minutes and I have my garden that the girls can play in safe in the knowledge that they are ok and happy, and so is their Mummy.

Can I Really Write a Novel – Part 2 – Research & Preparation

At the moment I am trying to research my novel, it is about domestic violence and therefore I feel I need to get it right. I want people to believe in both of the characters and maybe even identify with their plight.

I have taken to carrying a notebook in my bag that I write all my ideas in, character development, dialogue or any scenes that I have going on in my head.

And eavesdropping, boy, I have become the nosy cow sitting on a bus, the park, the pub, a restaurant to try and learn how to write  good dialogue.

Can you do too much research though? I have a pile of papers on my office desk that is bulging under the weight of it all! So, I have taken the decision to sift through all of this and then start the actual process.

I figure if I can get a rough draft down then I can go back and make all of the amendments that I know will be present.

I am excited and scared, then what? What happens next? Do I have the ability to be a published writer? We will see.

My Baby is Growing Up Too Fast

My daughter has lost her front tooth today, she has the cutest, tiniest little teeth, making her look like a little girl.

I am sad that now that she is losing her milk teeth she will become a whole new person as she will look more grown up and therefore different.

I am mourning the passing of my two girls who are now 5 and 6, they are growing up so fast, they are like little young ladies.

My 6 year old enters Junior school in September and she is so excited and is even talking about which secondary school she would like to attend. I want to scream, “No, please be my baby for longer”, you are growing up way too quickly for my liking.

I love you my darling girls with all my heart and no matter what age you are, you will always be Mummy’s lilttle angels. xxx

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