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Location, Location, Location

I was born and raised in Camden Town, central London which I loved. I felt in the hub of everything and swore that I would never leave the hub of London where I could reach anything I needed within a few minutes walk or a quick jump on the tube or a bus.

This all changed for me when I decided to have children, I decided to move out!  This was a big decision for me and one that I agonised over for a long time, weighing up the pros and cons, but I jumped ship and now live just over 20 miles out.

My move has allowed me to buy a house with a 100ft garden that I would never have been able to afford in London, that has a huge park at the back of us, my girls go to a school that has its own swimming pool.

I can get to London on the train in 30 minutes, so I have the best of both worlds, I can still get all of the culture, nightlife and days out in London that I love, but I can also be at the beach in 30 minutes and I have my garden that the girls can play in safe in the knowledge that they are ok and happy, and so is their Mummy.

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