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No Smoking – Day 3

Well, I am doing pretty well, I am now on day 3 of my battle to give up the ciggies.

I have an appointment with my doctor today for Co2 reading, it was initially at 14 so I am hoping for a good reduction.

Habits are what I am trying to break, it is changing when I would usually have a cigarette, like whilst on the phone, I no take the phone upstairs, rather than stand downstairs and be tempted to go into the garden for a cigarette.

So, onwards and upwards and please let me know of you have or have already given up and any tips you may have for me.

Day One – No Smoking

Well today I have given up smoking after almost half of my like smoking I have decided to give up this disgusting habit.

In fairness, I used to love a ciggy, but that has been less and less the case as time has gone by. I no longer smoke in my house due to my two young daughters, so I smoke outside, this also happens at work, the pub, restaurant,  a club and pretty much anywhere else that I go, so what is the point? I have taken to having my coat more on than off in the Winter months, ludicrous!

Us smokers have become lepers now, where once you were seen as the cool crew, the smoking room at work or behind the school sheds was where I thought all the coolest people were. I bet those that did not go in are having the last laugh now as they see us “cool kids” spending nearly £7 per pack, I must be mad!

So, I have now decided to give up, my first day is nearly under my belt and I must say I feel a sense of achievement, so onwards and upwards as they say and I will let you know how I get on.

Must go and eat something else………, I am going to pile on the weight!!!!

EastEnders – A Plot too Far?

Unless you live in a bubble, or are outside of the UK, you cannot have missed the fall out that has followed the cot death storyline in EastEnders.

The soap’s current storyline follows Ronnie Branning following the death of her newborn son, sneaking into the pub and replacing her dead child with Kat’s baby. Had EastEnders just stopped at the cot death and handled this well, this could have been an excellent way to educate those who know little or nothing about the condition, but instead, they have turned it into something else completely.

The BBC have received just short of 3,500 complaints so far, their response? “While the BBC appreciates that this is a challenging storyline, and have taken care to ensure viewers were aware of the content in advance of transmission”, oh right, sorry, my mistake, that’s alright then!!!!!!!

EastEnders enlisted the help of the the Foundation of Studies for Infant Deaths (FSID) to ensure that the cot death storyline would be dealt with sensitively and correctly, but they have been quick to state on its website that “The FSID had no involvement in the planning or adoption of the baby swap plot. The behaviour and actions of Ronnie Branning are in no way endorsed by FSID as a typical, or even likely reaction of a bereaved parent”.

Today, it seems the character played by Samantha Womack had resigned in response to the storyline, she is said to have handed bosses a handwritten letter of resignation when she was first told of the storyline.

So, what are your thoughts? I have switched off, have you?

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