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Oppose The Extradition Review Whitewash

If you oppose the sickening whitewash produced by Sir Scott Baker’s Extradition Review Panel, please take a moment and use the form below to make your views known to the government.
Just fill in your details and add your name at the end of the text in the message box below, or delete the suggested text and use the box to write your own message. When you press Submit, your message will then be sent to the Home Office, the Home Secretary and the Deputy Prime Minister. (The Prime Minister must be contacted separately, by clicking here – opens in a new window). The Home Office are obliged to reply to UK correspondence within approx. 20 working days, which is why you must enter your details – This website will not see or store your info, but if you want the Home Office to take note of your message, you must enter your valid email and UK postcode.
Just a few reasons why our current extradition arrangements DO need to change:

  • The Extradition Act (2003) is in explicit contravention of our Article 7 Human Rights, since it applies retrospectively. Article 7 of the Human Rights Act very clearly prohibits retrospectivity. The Extradition Act means that any one of us can be extradited for an offence that was not an offence when allegedly committed, and without a shred of evidence.
  • Nine times as many UK citizens have been extradited to the USA under the Act, compared to the number of US citizens extradited to the UK. This is according to the Home Office’s own figures. The claim by the Review Panel that the UK/US extradition treaty is even-handed and not unbalanced in its operation simply does not hold water. Even Baroness Scotland herself, who was instrumental in negotiating the treaty, admitted freely in the House of Lords (scroll to Column 1063) that the treaty is unbalanced.
  • David Blunkett, who signed the extradition treaty with the USA, has admitted before the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee and in the media that he ‘gave too much away’.
  • The extradition treaty with the USA was signed under Queen’s Perogative, an arcane manoeuvre which bypasses due Parliamentary process and meant that Parliament did not see the wording of the treaty until some three months after it was signed. This renders the application of the treaty unlawful, according to a recent Supreme Court ruling.
  • The UK’s extradition treaty with the USA has been condemned by both Liberty and the American Civil Liberties Union. You can also read the Law Society’s response to the Home Office consultation here.
  • The public consultation to the Extradition Review generated a massive response opposing our current extradition arrangements, yet the Panel have chosen to ignore the overwhelming professional and public opinion that the Extradition Act is fundamentally unjust and needs to change.
Subject: Extradition Review? Whitewash!
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The Extradition Review is a whitewash and a sham. The recommendations of the Panel bear no relation to the facts, show no regard for public opinion, and are blatantly counter to the interests of justice and the British people. We demand justice and human rights for all. Introduce the Forum amendment, abolish the European Arrest Warrant and rip up the UK/US extradition treaty now.
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End Stoning in Iran

Stoning. It’s designed to cause maximum suffering. It generally takes between 20 minutes and two agonising hours to kill someone. Those sentenced to death are more likely to be poor and marginalised, particularly women. 

And as you read this, 14 people in Iran are at risk of this inhumane death. Take action: stop stoning

Diagram of a stoningHow to stone someone to death
Stoning is mandatory under Iranian law for men and women convicted of ‘adultery while married’.

The Penal Code explains in chilling detail how to carry out the punishment, from how deeply to bury the victim in the ground to the size of the stones to use: not so large as to kill too quickly, not so small as to cause too little hurt.

Find out how a stoning is carried out

How to help stop stoning
However, right now the Iranian authorities are reviewing that very document – the Penal Code – which details all the country’s criminal law. They can and should remove stoning from it.

With your pressure we can encourage them to end this barbaric practice, once and for all. Call on the Iranian authorities to stop stoning

Thank you,

NHS Urgent Petition

Which way will they vote? This Wednesday the House of Lords makes a choice. They could wave through the government’s dangerous NHS plans. Or they could insist on proper scrutiny and big changes to protect our health service.

The press say it’s on a knife edge. It could come down to one or two votes. [1] Together we can help tip the balance. If we can prove that the public wants Lansley’s plans put under the microscope, we can convince wavering Lords and Baronesses to stand up to the government and vote the right way.

Thousands of us have written personally to Lords and Baronesses. We know our message is starting to get through. Now let’s show wavering Lords just how many of us want them to vote to protect our NHS – by building a huge, people powered petition.

The vote is on Wednesday afternoon, and we’ll need to deliver the petition just before it starts. Please add your name now:

An influential Lord, David Owen, has announced he will call a vote to put Lansley’s NHS plan under the microscope, by creating a special ‘select committee’. [2] The committee would investigate key concerns of ours – like scrapping of the Secretary of State’s “duty to provide” health services. We can win this vote! And if we do, it will be a massive boost to our chances of stopping dangerous changes to the NHS being forced through.

The government doesn’t want this to happen. They’re doing all they can to pressure Lords to toe the line. [3] We can outweigh that pressure with people power. Let’s prove to the Lords that the government doesn’t speak for us. We never voted for this dangerous NHS plan and we can show our support for Lords’ efforts to stop it.

Please take 30 seconds to add your name to the urgent petition to the House of Lords:

There’s a lot at stake here. We all rely on the NHS to look after us and to look after our loved ones. We know that if the government’s plans go through unchanged, we could lose our health service forever. The House of Lords could be our best hope of protecting our health service for future generations.

Thousands of 38 Degrees members have sent personal emails to Lords and Baronesses, telling them why the NHS matters so much. Now let’s back that up with big numbers. Let’s build a huge petition to the Lords to show them how many of us support efforts to protect the health service.

Thanks for being involved,


[1] See for example:

[2] Lord Owen isn’t the only Lord who’s written an amendment to put the bill under the microscope, or stop it completely. But Lord Owen’s amendment has the greatest chance of success. The full text of Lord Owen’s amendment reads:

“And that a Select Committee shall be appointed to examine and make recommendations to the House on the issues raised by the 18th Report of the Constitution Committee, namely the Government’s and Parliament’s constitutional responsibilities with regard to the NHS, in particular to clarify (a) the extent to which the Secretary of State remains responsible and accountable for the comprehensive health service, and (b) individual Ministerial responsibility to Parliament, and to report on the extent to which legal accountability to the courts is fragmented; that this House requests that the services of Parliamentary Counsel be available to the Committee; and that the Committee shall report no later than 19 December 2011.”


NaNoWrimo – Second Time Around?

I tried to do my first NaNoWrimo last year, but failed miserably. I had too much going on in the way of College, family, school tests and general day to day living to really get into it and once I had not written for a few days I became too disheartened and decided to leave it.


I have been plotting my attempt already, I have a good grasp of the characters and I am hoping that with this attention to planning ewach detail I will find it easier to complete this year.

A few points that I am doing this huge task with are:-

  • Tell your family what you are doing, that you will need this month in order to complete it, if they understand then you are more able to lock yourself away in order to write
  • Start at midnight on the 1st November, therefore you will have the first 1600+ words in the bag on the first day, and hopefully stay in front
  • If you are unable to sit down for long periods of time, break the time up, maybe doing 5 sessions of 15 minutes a session and really write all you can down, you will be surprised how much you will be able to write in the alloted time.
  • And lastly, enjoy the experience as you may have a masterpiece on your hands, or at the very least all writing is good practice, a great way to learn the craft of writing well, is to write, write, write.

Good luck fellow NaNoWrimo’s.

Add me as a buddy if you like Hayley_DM, I am going to need all the support I can muster.

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