And Life Goes On

The random bloggings on what gets my goat!

Is Summer Here?

Wow, what is this orb that I see in the sky?

Could it be?

Can I believe it?

Oh yes, it is the SUN!!!!!!!

At last, I am a bit unsure as to whether to get the Summer wardrobe out and put the Winter wardrobe in the loft,  I did this a few weeks ago, all pleased that I was saying goodbye to my polo necks, chunky jumpers etc away until next Winter, what a fool I was!

You would think I and the rest of Great Britain would be aware that we cannot rely on our weather, but each year, I forget!

So, I am going to believe that this weather is now here to stay as I am a glass half full kind of girl!

Happy Summer to each and every one of you

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