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Stoptober- Day 23

My eldest daughter who is 9 has been asking me to give up smoking now for some time, ever since she was taught in her science lesson that cigarettes were bad for you and was able to read the public information notices that now accompany a rather horrid picture on the front of a packet of cigarettes.

I have not really enjoyed cigarettes for some time now as I don’t smoke at home due to the children and the smoking ban put paid to anyone smoking in a public place such as a restaurant or a pub. So the idea of a leisurely cigarette for me had long been a thing of the past.

The children and I decided that I would sign up for Stoptober which is a 28 day challenge  to stop smoking. The blurb tells you that there is lots of free support along the way and that after 28 days of not smoking, you are more than 5 times more likely  to stay smoke free.

I received my pack which comes with a stress ball, a day by day mantra to help you on your way with topics such as how to focus on beating the cravings, coping with withdrawal symptoms  and keeping your guard up, all very helpful.

I signed up with my local chemist to get my patches and agree to a carbon monoxide test which involves blowing into a gadget which then tells you how much carbon monoxide is in your lungs. I started at 14 and have since been on 0 each time since. Proud, that doesn’t even cut it!

I am also using an electronic cigarette, there are many on the market, mine is from and it is really helping when I have a craving for a cigarette along with the patches, I can vape away on my e-cig and the cravings pass in no time.

So, so far so good, lets see if this can last. My helpful mantra on today’s date tells me to keep looking forward as in another five days I will have conquered Stoptober!

Oh yes, I will have done.

Smoke free and loving it, come on!


Skinny Jeans Nearly Killed Me!

It was my daughter’s birthday at the weekend and she had a party at home with loads of her friends over.

When all her friends had left for the evening and both the girls were in bed, my sister, a friend and I decided to open a bottle of wine. Now this was great, we had a fab night discussing old stories of us in our youth, laughing, giggling and more drinking.

After a couple of bottles we decided to head up to bed, now I am not a big wine drinker, I knew that I had had a drink, but I was no way drunk, tipsy maybe.

I creeped into my bedroom trying not to wake the girls as I changed into my PJ’s. All was going really well until I tried to take my jeans off.

I had on a pair of grey skinny jeans that were rather too skinny around the leg but I soldiered on, and on, and on. They would not come off. I realise now that I began to panic after five minutes or so of trying really hard to get them off.

Please bear in mind that whilst trying to get them off I was hopping around the bedroom, by this time swearing like a navvy!

I thought to myself “Come on now, this is silly, one last pull and they will be off”, so I pulled and ended flat on my back with the leg still inside the jean leg, I called out to my sister to come and help me rid myself of the jean leg and sheepishly went to bed, half an hour after entering my bedroom.

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