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Skinny Jeans Nearly Killed Me!

It was my daughter’s birthday at the weekend and she had a party at home with loads of her friends over.

When all her friends had left for the evening and both the girls were in bed, my sister, a friend and I decided to open a bottle of wine. Now this was great, we had a fab night discussing old stories of us in our youth, laughing, giggling and more drinking.

After a couple of bottles we decided to head up to bed, now I am not a big wine drinker, I knew that I had had a drink, but I was no way drunk, tipsy maybe.

I creeped into my bedroom trying not to wake the girls as I changed into my PJ’s. All was going really well until I tried to take my jeans off.

I had on a pair of grey skinny jeans that were rather too skinny around the leg but I soldiered on, and on, and on. They would not come off. I realise now that I began to panic after five minutes or so of trying really hard to get them off.

Please bear in mind that whilst trying to get them off I was hopping around the bedroom, by this time swearing like a navvy!

I thought to myself “Come on now, this is silly, one last pull and they will be off”, so I pulled and ended flat on my back with the leg still inside the jean leg, I called out to my sister to come and help me rid myself of the jean leg and sheepishly went to bed, half an hour after entering my bedroom.

Eat Up

I don’t know what dinner time is like in your house in mine it is a nightmare!

I don’t look forward to it at all.

Why? Because it is a daily battle. Now don’t get me wrong my girls are good eaters they eat most things and they eat their vegetables so this is not an issue.

My bug is the amount of time it takes for them to eat.

They can be eating a small dinner for over an hour I therefore spend said hour shouting at them to get a move on.

Cue tears whining and snot!

So I have now told them I will no longer be shouting at them for my own sanity. If they take two hours to eat their dinner so be it as I will have left the table and be able to get on with the rest of my day. The girls however will sit at the table now with no shouting at them to get a move on. I have told them the only people that it is affecting is them and if they are happy to sit the dinner table for two hours then so be it!

Location, Location, Location

I was born and raised in Camden Town, central London which I loved. I felt in the hub of everything and swore that I would never leave the hub of London where I could reach anything I needed within a few minutes walk or a quick jump on the tube or a bus.

This all changed for me when I decided to have children, I decided to move out!  This was a big decision for me and one that I agonised over for a long time, weighing up the pros and cons, but I jumped ship and now live just over 20 miles out.

My move has allowed me to buy a house with a 100ft garden that I would never have been able to afford in London, that has a huge park at the back of us, my girls go to a school that has its own swimming pool.

I can get to London on the train in 30 minutes, so I have the best of both worlds, I can still get all of the culture, nightlife and days out in London that I love, but I can also be at the beach in 30 minutes and I have my garden that the girls can play in safe in the knowledge that they are ok and happy, and so is their Mummy.

My Baby is Growing Up Too Fast

My daughter has lost her front tooth today, she has the cutest, tiniest little teeth, making her look like a little girl.

I am sad that now that she is losing her milk teeth she will become a whole new person as she will look more grown up and therefore different.

I am mourning the passing of my two girls who are now 5 and 6, they are growing up so fast, they are like little young ladies.

My 6 year old enters Junior school in September and she is so excited and is even talking about which secondary school she would like to attend. I want to scream, “No, please be my baby for longer”, you are growing up way too quickly for my liking.

I love you my darling girls with all my heart and no matter what age you are, you will always be Mummy’s lilttle angels. xxx

Living with Alcoholic Parents

At least one million children in the UK are living with alcoholic parents, with up to 3.6million people in Britain scarred by the drinking of one or both parents.

Latest research estimates that there are at least one million children living with an alcoholic parent, but the true number is believed to be much higher. But because drinking is very much “the norm”, social workers often turn a blind eye, or do not even realise the seriousness of what is going on.

If a social worker were to enter the home of a heroin user, action would be taken, but if they were to be drinking, this will not even be recorded.

Children who grow up with alcoholic parents bear emotional, mental and behavioural scars, with 55% of domestic violence incidents happening in alcoholic homes and alcohol being a factor in as much as 90% of child abuse cases. The NSPCC states that 1 in 4 cases of neglect that is reported to them involves a drinking parent.

Alcoholism affects the entire family, especially the children. Children of alcoholics are 4 times more likely to become an alcoholic and 50% more likely to marry an alcoholic.

The late Mo Mowlam, whose father was an alcoholic stated the “hidden suffering” of families is getting worse as the excessive drinking increases.

We need to be more aware of the signs and give these families, especially the children more help and understanding of the issues they face and for social workers, doctors and teachers to be given training to be able to notice the signs early on to perhaps break this dangerous cycle.

NACOA – 0800 358 3456

Married Mums Who Feel Like Single Mums

Although I need to stress that I am happily married and I love my husband dearly, I do often feel that I am the one that takes care of everything.

Whilst, yes he is out working in order to pay the mortgage and bills etc, I too work, albeit part time as I then pick up the kids from school, clean the house, do their homework, do the washing, ironing and anything else that crops up!

My husband works hard, he started his own business a couple of years ago with 2 friends and they have to take the work as and when, but 7 days a week can be a pain. I feel like I am the main carer on my own as he is never really there to back me up or support me and when he is, if the girls ask him whether they can do something he tells them to ask me!!!!

Apparently, there is a nickname for women like me, FLASM, meaning married women who FEEL LIKE A SINGLE MUM! I am not saying I want to be a single Mum, I don’t, but it sure would be nice to get a bit of support here and there!

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