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Oppose The Extradition Review Whitewash

If you oppose the sickening whitewash produced by Sir Scott Baker’s Extradition Review Panel, please take a moment and use the form below to make your views known to the government.
Just fill in your details and add your name at the end of the text in the message box below, or delete the suggested text and use the box to write your own message. When you press Submit, your message will then be sent to the Home Office, the Home Secretary and the Deputy Prime Minister. (The Prime Minister must be contacted separately, by clicking here – opens in a new window). The Home Office are obliged to reply to UK correspondence within approx. 20 working days, which is why you must enter your details – This website will not see or store your info, but if you want the Home Office to take note of your message, you must enter your valid email and UK postcode.
Just a few reasons why our current extradition arrangements DO need to change:

  • The Extradition Act (2003) is in explicit contravention of our Article 7 Human Rights, since it applies retrospectively. Article 7 of the Human Rights Act very clearly prohibits retrospectivity. The Extradition Act means that any one of us can be extradited for an offence that was not an offence when allegedly committed, and without a shred of evidence.
  • Nine times as many UK citizens have been extradited to the USA under the Act, compared to the number of US citizens extradited to the UK. This is according to the Home Office’s own figures. The claim by the Review Panel that the UK/US extradition treaty is even-handed and not unbalanced in its operation simply does not hold water. Even Baroness Scotland herself, who was instrumental in negotiating the treaty, admitted freely in the House of Lords (scroll to Column 1063) that the treaty is unbalanced.
  • David Blunkett, who signed the extradition treaty with the USA, has admitted before the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee and in the media that he ‘gave too much away’.
  • The extradition treaty with the USA was signed under Queen’s Perogative, an arcane manoeuvre which bypasses due Parliamentary process and meant that Parliament did not see the wording of the treaty until some three months after it was signed. This renders the application of the treaty unlawful, according to a recent Supreme Court ruling.
  • The UK’s extradition treaty with the USA has been condemned by both Liberty and the American Civil Liberties Union. You can also read the Law Society’s response to the Home Office consultation here.
  • The public consultation to the Extradition Review generated a massive response opposing our current extradition arrangements, yet the Panel have chosen to ignore the overwhelming professional and public opinion that the Extradition Act is fundamentally unjust and needs to change.
Subject: Extradition Review? Whitewash!
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* To Whom It May Concern:
The Extradition Review is a whitewash and a sham. The recommendations of the Panel bear no relation to the facts, show no regard for public opinion, and are blatantly counter to the interests of justice and the British people. We demand justice and human rights for all. Introduce the Forum amendment, abolish the European Arrest Warrant and rip up the UK/US extradition treaty now.
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Bring The ABSU 5 Who Gang-Raped Woman in Nigeria to Justice

There’s a desperate search on for a female university student in Nigeria. Some want to silence her. Others want to protect her.

On August 16, the unidentified woman was gang-raped by five male students at Abia State University — for hours, as she begged first for mercy, and then for her rapists to kill her because of the pain. And it’s all on video. member Adetomi Aladekomo has joined bloggers and activists working to bring the victim to safety and her rapists to justice by starting a petition to Abia State University (ABSU) and state officials.

Over the past two weeks, bloggers and individuals around the world have put up reward money and used video imaging software to try to identify the victim and the rapists — when the police should have been doing this all along. Unbelievably, state authorities have so far stymied efforts, preferring to deny the rape ever even happened under their watch. Local women’s groups fear that they’re even out to silence the victim, perpetuating a culture of fear and shame around rape in Nigeria, where such crimes are dramatically under-reported and under-prosecuted.

Adetomi, who grew up in Nigeria until she was seventeen, knows that international outcry around the gang rape at ABSU will be decisive in protecting the victim and bringing justice. With the whole world watching, the victim may have the courage to come forward and press charges — and other women who’ve been raped may come forward, too, when they previously would not have.

In fact, it was because of members and international outcry earlier this year that a woman who had created a petition from inside a Cape Town safe house was able to come out and seek justice for her partner, who had been gang-raped and killed to ‘cure’ her of being a lesbian.

I just signed the petition “Bring The ABSU 5 Who Gang-Raped Woman in Nigeria to Justice” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 100,000 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:


Uganda – Where being Gay is Illegal

Imagine a life where just the fact that you are gay makes you have to hide who you are. Where you live a life in the darkness of your reality as you know that by admitting that you are gay, not only would you be ostracised, but you fear violent retribution from both the police and your own community.

It is hard to imagine isn’t it? Well, this is the reality of those homosexual people who live in Uganda, as many as 500,000 homosexuals live in the country according to human rights organisations. In Uganda being homosexual is punishable by life imprisonment as it is criminalised under their penal code. An anti-homosexuality bill is due to be passed in June is advocating the death penalty for aggravated homosexuality; or in simpler terms, gay people practising sex, or gay people that have sex with anyone under the age of 18. This bill would also make it a crime not to report someone that you know to be homosexual. I know, how can this be allowed to happen?

Last year a local newspaper, the Rolling Stone published a list of the top 100 homosexuals under the headline “Hang them”, how in this day and age is this allowed to continue? In Uganda , homosexuals face a life of harassment, extortion, death threats and extreme violence each day of their lives. Homosexuals face being forced into heterosexual marriage, sacked by their employees and even forced into a “correctional rape”.

Many Ugandan’s flee their country in order to escape their daily plight of severe beatings as a result of their homosexuality. Many ask, why was I born gay, and if so, why was I born in Africa?

The Radio 1 DJ, Scott Mills travelled to Uganda to make people aware of the daily horror that homosexual Ugandan’s suffer. Whilst watching this film, you would be forgiven for thinking that you were watching a historical film from a time long ago and not in this day and age, where we as Westerners take for granted the freedom that we are awarded.

EastEnders – A Plot too Far?

Unless you live in a bubble, or are outside of the UK, you cannot have missed the fall out that has followed the cot death storyline in EastEnders.

The soap’s current storyline follows Ronnie Branning following the death of her newborn son, sneaking into the pub and replacing her dead child with Kat’s baby. Had EastEnders just stopped at the cot death and handled this well, this could have been an excellent way to educate those who know little or nothing about the condition, but instead, they have turned it into something else completely.

The BBC have received just short of 3,500 complaints so far, their response? “While the BBC appreciates that this is a challenging storyline, and have taken care to ensure viewers were aware of the content in advance of transmission”, oh right, sorry, my mistake, that’s alright then!!!!!!!

EastEnders enlisted the help of the the Foundation of Studies for Infant Deaths (FSID) to ensure that the cot death storyline would be dealt with sensitively and correctly, but they have been quick to state on its website that “The FSID had no involvement in the planning or adoption of the baby swap plot. The behaviour and actions of Ronnie Branning are in no way endorsed by FSID as a typical, or even likely reaction of a bereaved parent”.

Today, it seems the character played by Samantha Womack had resigned in response to the storyline, she is said to have handed bosses a handwritten letter of resignation when she was first told of the storyline.

So, what are your thoughts? I have switched off, have you?

Joaquin Phoenix Film Spoof

Joaquin Phoenix returned to The Dave Letterman Late Show this week to apologise for his appearance on the show eighteen months after his distracted, shaggy, bearded apperance where he mumbled through an excruciating appearance.

Eighteen months ago, Phoenix announced he was retiring from acting in order to pursue a career as a rapper. He made a series of inept performances, where he was booed off the stage at many, with one resulting in him trying to attack a heckler.

Casey Affleck, Phoenix’s brother in law confirmed last week that the film, I’m Still Here, which is a documentary about the bad effects of wealth and celebrity on a now drug addicted actor who had been in the acting game since he was a child, was in fact a spoof.

So, thankfully Phoenix has returned to his day job having not had the break down that we were led to believe that he was having, however, is it right for Affleck and Phoenix to have duped so many and made millions of people concerned about the downfall of Phoenix, especially in light of what happened to River Phoenix?

Pope Rejects Resignations of Irish Bishops after Child Abuse Report

The Pope has rejected the resignations of two dublin bishops after their Diocese was severely criticised by the Murphy commission in a report into child abuse in Dublin.

The Vatican said the Pope had not accepted the resignations of Bishop Raymond Field and Bishop Eamonn Walsh, who served as bishops in the Dublin diocese during the period that was investigated by the Murphy commision.

The Bishops had initially resisted calls to quit, but had offered their resignations in 2009 in light of the Murphy report.

The pair have since been given revised responsibilities within their diocese.

How can these men not be sacked after having ruined the lives of many young, innocent children?

Your thoughts?

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