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Back to Reality

I have just returned from a week away in Tenerife. It was bliss being able to lie in the sun all day, reading and writing at my leisure with the kids playing happily in the pool.

However, although I love being away, I also miss the simple things that we take for granted whilst at home such as being able to make a cup of tea when I wanted or being able to have a plain and simple piece of toast, also a glorious hot bubble bath. 

I know it sounds silly but boy, did I relish these things when I got home. Is there anything that you really miss whilst away?


Dear Snow……

So yet again the snow has arrived and the UK grinds to a halt. 

What is it with us that we can never just carry on.

The trains are delayed.

Schools are shut.

Airports closed down, yesterday some were closed just in case it snowed!

Come on Britain get with it, other countries seem to cope pretty well why can’t you?

Yours a Mother who will no doubt have her kids with her this week due to ice!

Is Summer Here?

Wow, what is this orb that I see in the sky?

Could it be?

Can I believe it?

Oh yes, it is the SUN!!!!!!!

At last, I am a bit unsure as to whether to get the Summer wardrobe out and put the Winter wardrobe in the loft,  I did this a few weeks ago, all pleased that I was saying goodbye to my polo necks, chunky jumpers etc away until next Winter, what a fool I was!

You would think I and the rest of Great Britain would be aware that we cannot rely on our weather, but each year, I forget!

So, I am going to believe that this weather is now here to stay as I am a glass half full kind of girl!

Happy Summer to each and every one of you

Been Gone a While

I have had numerous problems with computers and laptops over the past few months and have been doing most of my computer work on my Blackberry. this is why there have been no blog posts.

But I am back now, so normal service will resume, no I hear you cry!!!!

Thank you for your patience.


Happy New Year

Happy new year to you all, 2012!
I cannot believe that we are actually in the Olympics year already, it seemed so long ago that we were given the right to host the Olympics and now the year is upon us!
I pass the Olympic site often and it really is speeding along now, actually looking like something resembling a sports arena rather that just piles of rubble, with a few cranes thrown in for good measure!
I hope that 2012 brings each and every one of you all that you wanted.
Stay safe and smile
It’s going to be a great year

NHS Urgent Petition

Which way will they vote? This Wednesday the House of Lords makes a choice. They could wave through the government’s dangerous NHS plans. Or they could insist on proper scrutiny and big changes to protect our health service.

The press say it’s on a knife edge. It could come down to one or two votes. [1] Together we can help tip the balance. If we can prove that the public wants Lansley’s plans put under the microscope, we can convince wavering Lords and Baronesses to stand up to the government and vote the right way.

Thousands of us have written personally to Lords and Baronesses. We know our message is starting to get through. Now let’s show wavering Lords just how many of us want them to vote to protect our NHS – by building a huge, people powered petition.

The vote is on Wednesday afternoon, and we’ll need to deliver the petition just before it starts. Please add your name now:

An influential Lord, David Owen, has announced he will call a vote to put Lansley’s NHS plan under the microscope, by creating a special ‘select committee’. [2] The committee would investigate key concerns of ours – like scrapping of the Secretary of State’s “duty to provide” health services. We can win this vote! And if we do, it will be a massive boost to our chances of stopping dangerous changes to the NHS being forced through.

The government doesn’t want this to happen. They’re doing all they can to pressure Lords to toe the line. [3] We can outweigh that pressure with people power. Let’s prove to the Lords that the government doesn’t speak for us. We never voted for this dangerous NHS plan and we can show our support for Lords’ efforts to stop it.

Please take 30 seconds to add your name to the urgent petition to the House of Lords:

There’s a lot at stake here. We all rely on the NHS to look after us and to look after our loved ones. We know that if the government’s plans go through unchanged, we could lose our health service forever. The House of Lords could be our best hope of protecting our health service for future generations.

Thousands of 38 Degrees members have sent personal emails to Lords and Baronesses, telling them why the NHS matters so much. Now let’s back that up with big numbers. Let’s build a huge petition to the Lords to show them how many of us support efforts to protect the health service.

Thanks for being involved,


[1] See for example:

[2] Lord Owen isn’t the only Lord who’s written an amendment to put the bill under the microscope, or stop it completely. But Lord Owen’s amendment has the greatest chance of success. The full text of Lord Owen’s amendment reads:

“And that a Select Committee shall be appointed to examine and make recommendations to the House on the issues raised by the 18th Report of the Constitution Committee, namely the Government’s and Parliament’s constitutional responsibilities with regard to the NHS, in particular to clarify (a) the extent to which the Secretary of State remains responsible and accountable for the comprehensive health service, and (b) individual Ministerial responsibility to Parliament, and to report on the extent to which legal accountability to the courts is fragmented; that this House requests that the services of Parliamentary Counsel be available to the Committee; and that the Committee shall report no later than 19 December 2011.”


No Smoking – Day 9

Well, I had my first night out on Sat and I have to admit that I smoked a couple of cigarettes, but you know the Champix that I am taking to break my habit makes the cravings lessen and make you feel rather ill if you do smoke.

So, that was Saturday and I have not smoked since then and I really feel as though I am cracking this, I have had to change my behaviour and routine.

I have to stop eating quite so much though or I will be the size of a small country!

No Smoking – Day 3

Well, I am doing pretty well, I am now on day 3 of my battle to give up the ciggies.

I have an appointment with my doctor today for Co2 reading, it was initially at 14 so I am hoping for a good reduction.

Habits are what I am trying to break, it is changing when I would usually have a cigarette, like whilst on the phone, I no take the phone upstairs, rather than stand downstairs and be tempted to go into the garden for a cigarette.

So, onwards and upwards and please let me know of you have or have already given up and any tips you may have for me.

Day One – No Smoking

Well today I have given up smoking after almost half of my like smoking I have decided to give up this disgusting habit.

In fairness, I used to love a ciggy, but that has been less and less the case as time has gone by. I no longer smoke in my house due to my two young daughters, so I smoke outside, this also happens at work, the pub, restaurant,  a club and pretty much anywhere else that I go, so what is the point? I have taken to having my coat more on than off in the Winter months, ludicrous!

Us smokers have become lepers now, where once you were seen as the cool crew, the smoking room at work or behind the school sheds was where I thought all the coolest people were. I bet those that did not go in are having the last laugh now as they see us “cool kids” spending nearly £7 per pack, I must be mad!

So, I have now decided to give up, my first day is nearly under my belt and I must say I feel a sense of achievement, so onwards and upwards as they say and I will let you know how I get on.

Must go and eat something else………, I am going to pile on the weight!!!!

Twitter’s Litchat – A Taboo Subject?

I have recently stumbled across Litchat on Twitter which is a discussion forum every week that allows writers (and me!) to talk about the process of writing, publishing, editing etc. A ffew weeks ago, the topic had been part of a week of Taboo topics that authors and readers may not be comfortable with dealing with.
One particular Litchat guest was Elissa Stein who has written a book entitled Flow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation, which is a book about menstruation, Macmillan quote “Flow answers such questions as: What’s the point of getting a period? What did women do before pads and tampons? What about new drugs that promise to end periods—a hot idea or not? Sex during your period: gross or a turn-on? And what’s normal, anyway? With color reproductions of (campy) historical ads and early (excruciating) femcare devices, it also provides a fascinating (and mind-boggling) gallery of this complex, personal and uniquely female process”.
Stein spoke about the book passionately, as did others who were making comments on what is deemed taboo and why. Stein commented that she had done a recording with Dr Oz to promote her book that has still yet to be aired! It seems people still do not want to talk or hear about this frankly natural process. TV executives are deciding what we will or will not be allowed to watch and discuss, surely this is a form of censorship?
This is sheer lunancy, which seemed to be the status quo from all the comments that were made, one lady tweeted “our bodies as objects, acceptable. Our bodies as functional, not acceptable“. The UK and other countries tax us on our sanitary products, tax is suuposedly meant for luxury products, how are tampons and the like a luxury? Amazingly, after the launch of the IPad, ITampon was the number one on the tweet trending topic after the IPad launch, much to the ambarrassment of Apple!
It is painful to think that mensruation is something that most women endure as part of their lives , however it is treated  as something so shameful, many comments were that sexual repression was a huge part of the problem, we learn very early from our parents and then from society, we must as parents change this perception.
Stein gave us a brief history rundown on how Priests used to shut women away during a period as they were deemed unclean, whilst midwives were considered witches. Their knowledge of childbirth and their understanding of menstruation was deemed evil. Whilst men were so afraid of menstrual blood that they created all sorts of theories as to what was really happening to women.
Many of us will have heard many euphemisms, my Nan used to call it a “Red Letter Day”, whilst my mother recounts the story of her first period to me believing that she was dying as she had never been told by her strict Mother what menstruation was. Girls even today believe that they are dying because they have no education on menstruation.
It seems we can talk about anything but not the way a woman’s body works. One lady suggested that Northern America was very stuffy, I commented on the furore that was Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” at a music awards ceremony, with the view in the UK being “All that fuss over a breast!”.
Whilst I have not read the book, I am off today to get my copy and I am going to leave it strategically placed around my house in order that the subject can be talked about freely by my friends and family and hopefully then onto others and have this ridiculous taboo subject tackled head on!!! Until we begin to tackle these issues and talk about them freely then we will forever have people with antiquated ideas controlling our free speech and our childrens ability to have a more free and liberal existence.

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