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Older and Wiser – Friday Flash

Maeve watched as the new girl walked from bed to bed with the medicine that they all had to have administered in what seemed to be every five minutes, this being the last ward round until lights out. They had all had their hot chocolate and one chocolate chip cookie.

Maeve had been here a few years now since her so called loving daughter had dumped her here after saying she couldn’t cope anymore. Can you imagine if she had thought that herself after giving birth to her, honestly, it had made her mad, really mad.

The new girl finally got to her with the medicine,

“Morning Maeve isn’t it?”

“Yes dear, and what’s your name?”

“Jenny. Lovely to meet you Maeve. How are you feeling today?”

“Fine thanks. Is it your first day today?”

“Yes, I was a bit nervous to be honest, didn’t know what to expect”

‘You will be fine enough love, everyone here is really friendly, give or take a few, but I will fill you in on the comings and goings, maybe tomorrow if you are in?”

“That would be great, thanks Maeve. Sleep well”

Maeve watched as young Jenny walked out of the ward. She envied the life she had ahead of her, all of the ups and downs she had reaching long ahead of her.

How she will laugh.

How she will cry.

How she will love.

A silent tear ran down Maeve’s cheek as it occurred to her that her life was reaching the end.


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