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Joaquin Phoenix Film Spoof

Joaquin Phoenix returned to The Dave Letterman Late Show this week to apologise for his appearance on the show eighteen months after his distracted, shaggy, bearded apperance where he mumbled through an excruciating appearance.

Eighteen months ago, Phoenix announced he was retiring from acting in order to pursue a career as a rapper. He made a series of inept performances, where he was booed off the stage at many, with one resulting in him trying to attack a heckler.

Casey Affleck, Phoenix’s brother in law confirmed last week that the film, I’m Still Here, which is a documentary about the bad effects of wealth and celebrity on a now drug addicted actor who had been in the acting game since he was a child, was in fact a spoof.

So, thankfully Phoenix has returned to his day job having not had the break down that we were led to believe that he was having, however, is it right for Affleck and Phoenix to have duped so many and made millions of people concerned about the downfall of Phoenix, especially in light of what happened to River Phoenix?


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