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No Smoking – Day 9

Well, I had my first night out on Sat and I have to admit that I smoked a couple of cigarettes, but you know the Champix that I am taking to break my habit makes the cravings lessen and make you feel rather ill if you do smoke.

So, that was Saturday and I have not smoked since then and I really feel as though I am cracking this, I have had to change my behaviour and routine.

I have to stop eating quite so much though or I will be the size of a small country!

No Smoking – Day 3

Well, I am doing pretty well, I am now on day 3 of my battle to give up the ciggies.

I have an appointment with my doctor today for Co2 reading, it was initially at 14 so I am hoping for a good reduction.

Habits are what I am trying to break, it is changing when I would usually have a cigarette, like whilst on the phone, I no take the phone upstairs, rather than stand downstairs and be tempted to go into the garden for a cigarette.

So, onwards and upwards and please let me know of you have or have already given up and any tips you may have for me.

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